Born in Turin by the end of the 60ies, Olimpia was originally a small printing company of family management, by limited means, but rich in a priceless resource: the capacity of her founder, Luciano Masconi, to be ahead of the times.

After acquiring the experience needed to face the first orders, he fell in love with the graphics and the techniques of printing and decided to deepen his competences, to invest in the research, even with the cost of ‘’ forcing’’ the company to transform herself, by amplifying her productive capacity.

So Olimpia, anticipating the tendency of the market itself, started to flank to the traditional typographical printing, the offset printing, by equipping herself with machines of medium and great format which allowed her to face any request. Immediately after that the first auto-platens and the folding-gluing machines arrived.

Today Olimpia is a modern, qualified and competitive company. The firm occupies a surface of 12,000 m2, reserved to the offices, warehouses and to productive activities. The company target is aimed to packaging, from boxes in thin and corrugated cardboard to displays for counter and for the floor.

The incessant research of new materials, the optimisation of the quality, creativity and services are the core of this company that keeps looking forward.

The incessant research of new materials, the optimisation of the quality, creativity and services are the core of this company that keeps looking forward.




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The design department is built around a group of specialized professionals that operate wisely with the aim of optimizing the technical information and the logistics needs of each product.

The maximum attention is focused on the new materials and emergent technologies.
Thanks to a latest generation plotter of great format, our designers are able to elaborate a real study of packaging.
This way, Olimpia has not only the capacity to satisfy the exigencies of any customer, but she is also able to propose the most suitable graphical solutions for the printing material, by unifying a consolidated experience of packaging to the graphical sensibility.

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Three folding-gluing machines of last generation allow us to do with maximum efficacy any type of closure: from a single flap to a double one, automatic bottoms, 4 and 6 corners, and many other solutions.
The final line of each machine is provided with a semiautomatic system of packing, an option that allows obtaining a greater productivity and a better result of the packing of the product.

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It is the first step of the production cycle.
A department with 6 colours offset machines on the 100×140 format, allows us to front any type of work. The machines, all of new generation, are equipped with automatic insertion of the steel plates, an equipment that consents to operate more rapidly both during the production and during the changing of the format.
Recently, we have tried to undertake the path to particular works, by introducing the novelty of the hybrid inks.
This is another won bet: this type of printing has actually found a great success and it is in growing demand.

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A special work, in packaging, is an answer to a challenge. If you want to compete, neither the experience nor competence are enough.

To win the challenge occurs above all one quality: the capacity to look forward. This is the aim of Olimpia: the elaboration of ad-hoc solutions for any exigency. Even with the cost to invent everything from the beginning.

Olimpia is able to do the most vary particular works: from lucid and opaque plastic-coating to UV varnishing; from the application of gold foil and hot gold, to printing in relief, or, as requested by pharmaceutical field, the Braille alphabet; as the application of PVC windows and handles.

Besides this, thanks to a special machine, Olimpia is able to apply on the finite boxes, any kind of support, both in cardboard and plastic, and to realize confections provided with internals or inserts of various type, as for example when we are talking about CD and DVD supports.

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It is the part of production subsequent to printing: during this phase, through operations of cutting and punching, the definite form to the printed products is given; those products become boxes or displays.
Olimpia’s cutting department has 3 automatic Bobst machines, all of them in the 100×140 format.
Here also, the target is to move forward: so the decision to acquire an auto-platen machine equipped with a system of full extraction which eliminates completely the procedure of manual discard.

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The 3.000 square meters assigned for stoking the raw material and the finite products are ideal to assure to our customers the maximum care and meticulousness also during the non productive phases.

The materials that arrive are controlled at unloading according to the certification norms of ISO 9001, and conserved in the appropriate manner on the special shelves.

The finite products are arranged in an area suitable to receive the means of transport, and so to simplify the distribution operations.


Cartotecnica Olimpia

Cartotecnica Olimpia
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